Apartments & tavern “Mušić”

Apartments and tavern “Mušić” are located in the center of Novalja, but are simultaneously drawn from the summer crowds and traffic. You’re close to markets, pastry shops, banks and ATMs, fish market, shopping center, but you don’t see or hear them. You have your own oasis of peace, shade and greenery.

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Why choose Novalja for holidays?

The island of Pag – from lunar surface to centuries old olive groves (author: Gorkić Taradi)

If you arrive by ferry Prizna – Žigljan to the island of Pag, you will be fascinated by rocky landscape, scarred by wind bura over centuries, and by view of a Pag Triangle, popular destination for world’s ufologists.

Paški trokut

But as soon as you pass a hill and descend into a valley, you will find a green oasis of vineyards, fields and pastures, and find yourself in the middle of the island, where you can see Pag bay with a famous beach Zrće, full of night clubs, on your left side and on your right side you will immediately see Stara Novalja in its own bay. If you connect these two bays, you get two islands instead of one, because here Pag is the slimmest, in total contradiction with the island’s length.

Once you get settled in apartments “Mušić” in Novalja, you can start your research – if you climb a hill Zaglava near Metajna you will find remains of wall paintings of unknown age, on the whole island you can find remains of settlements from Bronze and Iron Age, as well as remains of Roman villas built in ancient Roman empire, with excellently preserved ancient aqueduct. In front of village Caska, peacefully sleeping at the bottom of the sea, there are remains of settlement and next to it – ancient cemetery.

When you wish for a break from Greco-Hellenistic pottery, basilics, sunken Roman merchant ships filled with amphorae, you can take a swim, on many known beaches, or on one of hundreds of hidden sandy coves that surround the entire island, and don’t forget to try out yourself in fishing.

And in the evening, you can choose between a walk by the sea, relaxation with various artists, dance on a terrace or just visit one of attractive nightclubs. Of course, you can enjoy all this if you’re not too tired after going to a boat trip in surrounding waters, picking olives in the centuries old Lun’s olive groves, enjoying the world-famous cheese, or buying Pag’s famous lace souvenirs!

Lunska maslina

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Address: Murvica 6, HR-53291 Novalja

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